Welcome to Bittencourt Property

Bittencourt Property Luxury Management Group provides complete caring and hands-on estate management. We tailor our service to meet your unique and individual needs. We will make sure that all aspects of your estate, no matter how big or small, are maintained in excellent presentation and running order. We take care of your full-time live-in home or part-time residence, your vacation property, your gardens, your cars, boats, and all your big and small recreational toys. Florida Luxury Concierge Services!

Principles of Our Work


A firm with exclusive goals to provide the care and attention accordingly to your properties and life style needs.


Property management requires maintenance from time to time by qualified people.


We take great pride in keeping your costs to a minimum while still protecting the value of your property.


Your property will be entirely in your hands with state of the art mobile app, and reports.

We’ll Take Care of Everything

Ensuring Your Home Is Safe While You’re Away And Enjoyable While You Stay

We take care of your family, your guests. Bittencourt Property manages all of the day-to-day activities required to operate and maintain your estate as well as the less frequent tasks that need to happen every once in a while.

Bittencourt Property will be pleased to prepare a personalized lifestyle and property management program that is guaranteed to suit you and maximize your time for those matters of higher importance. You can be confident that we will provide dependable and professional luxury lifestyle management and property management services to assist you with your South Florida home.

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